Not only do our customers expect solutions to their problems, but they want to enjoy every moment of their work. Not only do they want to see the final result, but also the way to it. When we start a new task, we always keep this in mind. We are not afraid of new ways either, but we are also trying to find the place of old values as well. We enhance our applications with innovative solutions, a routine solution is never enough. We offer you excitement,  the excitement of discovery.


Augmented reality
With our mobile phone and tablet solutions, multimedia and 3D contents are added to real-world objects. (Exhibition guides, textbooks, advertisements, user manuals, etc.)
Innovative Multimedia Solutions
Our DiVit System provides a spectacular display of exhibit content on multimedia terminals or mobile devices.
GIS and 3D development
Autodesk, Esri, Mapinfo, MAPserver. We adapt our GIS solutions to the needs of our customers. Our applications open up new possibilities for discovering digital maps.
Virtual reality
We offer a wide range of spectacular solutions for creating a themed website, presenting collections on the web, and web 2 community solutions.
Mobile applications
Pocket our solutions! Take and use our applications optimized for mobile environments anywhere you go!
Custom software development
Mapping and analyzing business processes, building new systems, optimizing and upgrading existing IT systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.