Aquaprofit Ancient-Dráva Terminal

Development of a multimedia terminal software for the project “Planning water retention and land use change in the Ancient-Dráva programme” for Aquaprofit.

Project objective:

The project will lay the water management foundations for a complex regional rural development in the Ormánság region along the Dráva River in the south-western part of Hungary.

The basic objective of the development is to improve the water management of this once water-rich region, which is still rich in natural beauty, to help retain and distribute water from the area and to provide replenishment from the Dráva as needed to cope with increasingly frequent periods of drought.

The project has renovated and rebuilt more than 100 km of riverbeds, which distribute water across the area like the vascular network of our bodies, distributing oxygen and nutrients.

The software presents these artefacts through text, images, video and 3D animations.