Beethoven Memorial Museum exhibition

In the framework of the Beethoven Memorial Year, the exhibition of the 30-year-old Beethoven Memorial Museum in Martonvásár has been renewed. The interactive presentation tells the story of Beethoven’s relationship with the Brunszvik family, with lots of music.

An interactive family tree provides more information about the famous family members, and the history of the castle and the reconstructed phases of its construction are presented through eight different periods using 3D animation.

An interactive timeline gives an insight into the life of contemporary Europe, Hungary, the Brunszvik family and Beethoven at the same time.

Virtual reality allows you to tour the rooms of the castle and meet Beethoven.

Touch-screen music games allow you to decipher the musical messages the composer sent to members of his family.

You can listen to excerpts of his most important compositions related to the exhibition through sound bells and music cones.

You can find all of Beethoven’s music in a touchscreen catalogue, as well as information about legends that were already circulating in Beethoven’s lifetime.

And at the end of the exhibition, a projection on a wall over 11 metres high will reveal who Beethoven’s Immortal Beloved might have been.