Human Arm “self-learning” prosthesis

We have developed a mobile application to help prosthesis use and learning together with the 3D Centre of the University of Pécs.

The “Ember-Arm” (Human Arm) is a prosthesis that helps to keep the main muscles of an amputated arm or hand functional and strong, to develop and strengthen the muscles, and thus to improve the quality of life of the person concerned. The aim is to bring to market a customised prosthesis that minimises the training time required, to enable the patient to use the prosthesis most effectively through home training and to provide information on his/her progress to the doctor or physiotherapist at any time.

The mobile application allows the user to set up and control the prosthesis device via Bluetooth communication and, in particular, to use development games to help them learn to use the prosthesis effectively. Learning is guided by artificial intelligence, and the upper limb prosthesis learns the frequent movements and gestures of its wearer. These movements are continuously stored by the system.