Mecsek Discovery Center

The Mecsekerdő Zrt., through a successful application within the joint EAGLE Interreg Hungarian-Croatian cooperation programme, has hostedin in a brand new building called Mecsek Discovery Center (MDC) the Squirrel Forest School and the interactive MecseXplorer exhibition, presenting the cultural and natural world of Mecsek.

The MecseXplorer exhibition uses cutting-edge technologies and museum education methods to present the rich natural and cultural values of the Mecsek.

The information technology tools display a wide range of colourful themes related to the Mecsek; the fauna and flora of the Mecsek, the relationship between man and landscape, hunting, mining, the evergreen forest, gastronomy and the sagas of the Mecsek.

On the touch screen controlled DIVIT Mixed Reality Table, the 3D terrain model projected by a projector allows you to follow the tourist routes of Mecsek, the areas managed by Mecsekerdő Zrt. and the key houses and forestry accommodation on different georeferenced maps. You can see the structural division of Mecsek, springs, lookouts and mountain peaks. We can look around from the TV tower and the history of the mining of coal and uranium ore in the past comes to life. You can test your local knowledge with 3D printed buildings in a quiz game.

The “badge making” terminal provides entertainment for younger children in the form of puzzle, difference finding and colouring games.

The “kitchen terminal” in the tourist chalet shows how to prepare special local dishes with spectacular videos. You can learn about medicinal herbs and make your own herbal elixir in a playful way.

Virtual reality pseudo telescopes allow you to get up close to wild boars and deer and take a virtual tour of two Croatian national parks.

Through eight virtual glasses, the instructor can guide children through a virtual tour of forest animals and Mecsek plants. In addition, you can see the Meček forest in its different phases corresponding to the four seasons.

In the fairy-tale corner, you can listen to 8 tales related to the Mecsek on headphones.

At the quiz terminal, you can test your knowledge of the exhibition in a speed game.

The spectacular natural history and cultural history presentation is complemented by a mobile phone application that guides visitors not only through the exhibition but also along the 5-kilometre long Nature Trail from the centre to the Árpádtető area.