Multimedia museum educational material software development in Zirc

The classic school blackboard was replaced by a touch-sensitive digital whiteboard controlled by a multimedia control program, which brought a new approach to the transfer of knowledge and information.

The menu system of the program running on the Digital Tutor Board displays 4 different themes: research, net, movies and games.

The Research section presents Antal Reguly’s Finno-Ugric research, travels and diary entries. The Net section is in fact a trilingual interactive visualisation focusing on the Finno-Ugric language relationship and the language-speaking peoples, and includes external links to Antal Reguly. Under the Films menu, you will find 7 films, 4 of which are about the Hanti world (the films were shot by Zoltán Szalkai): Travellers, Villagers, Tent Dwellers, Fishermen), as well as the documentaries Antal Reguly’s Journeys to the North, Reindeer Herders and Obi-Ugoros. In the Games section, 3 touch games are planned. In Troubleshooter, the user has to find the differences between two pictures related to the Hanti world. In Tili-Toli game, the player has to puzzle the mixed pieces of a randomly generated picture. Memory Game is based on the classic memory card principle: here the user has to find the pairs of cards. When all the pairs are found, a picture of a clue related to the Finno-Ugric world appears.