PécSétApp mobile application

The “PécSétApp” Pécs city walks – Tour guide mobile guide, i.e. multimedia tour guide mobile application.

The aim of the tourism mobile application is to present the city centre of Pécs in a playful way and to recommend services of local small businesses. The app guides you through a story to the most famous places of Pécs (e.g. the city wall of Pécs, the National Theatre of Pécs, the Elephant House, etc.), where you can play games to collect the parts for your broken time machine. On the smart phone, you can try your luck following different games, among others: memory game, logic game, difference finder, word puzzle.

You can choose between two adult and one children’s route. A route can be followed by a family at the same time, playing together to reach the stations and locations. On each route, 6-7 places of interest are identified, some of which are linked to typical Pécs businesses and their services.