Regulyversum exhibition

In September 2021, the permanent exhibition “Regulyversum – everything about Reguly”, presenting the life and work of Antal Reguly, was opened in the Antal Reguly Museum and Folk Crafts House in Zirc. The complete IT system and solutions (multimedia content and software development, hardware and computer network implementation) of the exhibition were provided by InnoTeq Ltd.

The very interesting interactive content and themes were presented through different information points and terminals. One of them is the “Our Common Words” terminal, where the words and texts of the different Uralic language families can be listened to simultaneously through 20 synchronized sound funnels. On the DIVIT digital Ural Mountains field table, you can follow Reguly’s entire journey with stops at each stop, accompanied by log entries, pictures and videos. There is also a special terminal on Kalevala and other songs, and lots of playful language exercises in the “Language” and “Quiz” terminals.