Serbian occupation website

100 YEARS SINCE THE END OF THE SERBIAN OCCUPATION IN PÉCS According to the Belgrade Armistice Agreement of 13 November 1918, the southern part of Hungary, which had fought on the side of the defeated in the First World War, was temporarily occupied by the Serbs representing the Entente powers up to the Barcs-Szigetvár-Pécs-Baja-Kisszállás line, thus most of Baranya was separated from Hungary by a demarcation line controlled by Serb soldiers. The separation, which lasted for nearly three years, was ended by the Treaty of Trianon, which required the Serbs to withdraw from the occupied territory within a year. One hundred years ago, on 22 August 1921, the Hungarian National Army troops retook the city, to the great enthusiasm of the people of Pécs. On the occasion of this centenary, we are launching an ever-expanding website tracing the events of Pécs during the occupation, using the source material of three public collections: the Baranya County Archives of the Hungarian National Archives, the Janus Pannonius Museum and the Győző Csorba Library.

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