Shelter – Local history exhibition in the II. district in Budapest

InnoTeq Kft. carried out the construction of the Local History Exhibition in Budapest, in the II. district of Budapest.

Entering the exhibition space, a touch screen quiz terminal was placed opposite, along the wall there are 5 touch screen timeline terminals with different themes. On the opposite wall and on the back wall there is a selection of scanned versions of old Civil Defence Education slides and a continuous film projection of aerial photographs from the period.

In one of the side cabins, the “Listen to Stories!” terminal allows you to listen to reminiscences via a telephone of the period, two other terminals offer virtual local history walks, and the “Tell Your Own Story!” terminal allows you to leave a message via a microphone.

At the end of the hall, in front of the Magic Mirror terminal, you can take a photo with a period tram, bus or “Gobé” type glider plane.

At the end of the exhibition, you can send a written message to posterity using a tube mail.