The years of Attila József in Makó exhibition

An interactive exhibition presenting the years of Attila József in Makó, the period 1920-1923.

The following tools were developed during the IT development:

From Attila József’s school desk, through a custom-designed sound box, we can listen to the classroom noise in a controlled way.

“Beggar of Beauty” DIVIT terminal. By rotating a large wooden dice on the desk, different animated and synchronised poems are played on the display.

“Be a patron”, interactive board game DIVIT terminal. By touching the differnt points on the large map on the wall, the player is asked various questions on the touch screen. The order of progress is important, only the right answer will allow you to move on and play the game.

You can also take a virtual tour through VR glasses of the old permanent exhibition, which is no longer open to the public.