Time Tourist Museum

Szentgotthárd is currently home to Hungary’s only time-travel museum, the Time Tourist.

It is a combination of an interactive game resembling escape rooms and a traditional museum. In an unusual way, based on today’s modern technology and experiential pedagogy, it is able to present the history and cultural heritage of the city as an everlasting experience.

Players enter each room entirely on their own, without external assistance, with a tablet in their hand. They also use the software on the tablet to keep in touch with the historical virtual characters from whom they receive their puzzles.

The tablet also communicates with individual devices in the corridors and within the room via the wireless network. There may be an augmented reality (AR) game to solve, but there may also be something to do with a piece of equipment that communicates with the tablet via the server.

You have a total of 15 minutes per room to complete the tasks.

However, software and cameras on the computer at the reception desk can be used to monitor where players are in the game. It is also possible to intervene if necessary.

The system can be easily implemented in any theme and environment.